First transnational joint staff training event in Kochani, North Macedonia

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In the frame of the project MY VIRTUAL TOWN financed by the Erasmus + program activities for training of the teachers from Municipal High School “Ljupco Santov” from Kochani, High School of Economics and Management – Pazardzhik, and the School Centre Velenje in the period from 25th to 30th of March 2019 took place in Kochani, Republic of North Macedonia.

This is the first from the three planned short term joint-staff trainings of the teachers in which they were trained in topics like: 1) Administrative organization, duties and responsibilities of local self-governments (legal and economical aspect); 2) Organization and duties of city councils with focus on the opportunities for citizens initiatives (legal and economical aspect); 3) Main services from public interest (drinking water & sewerage system.) /technical aspect/ – theoretical presentation; 4) Main services from public interest (drinking water, sewerage system) legal and economical aspect; 5) Main services from public interest (solid waste management system) /technical aspect/ – theoretical presentation; 6) Main services from public interest (solid waste management system) legal and economical aspect.

In the frame of this training event, there were site-visits organized by the hosting organization KJP Vodovod in order to illustrate the theoretical training in a real environment. The site visits were: 1) Organized site visit of drinking water treatment plant and waste water treatment plant; 2) Organized site visit of geothermal department as practical part of the topics for renewable energy resources planned for the next training events.

Also in the frames of the planned activities for this event separate working group assembled by representatives of Association CSEG, Municipality of Pazardzhik, KSSENA, LUV, KJP Vodovod, MAGA and representatives from the management board from the primary schools worked on document for strategic partnership for which the project partners will develop action plan with aim for their future collaboration in the improvement of the education activities in their municipalities.