THE SECOND SHORT TERM JOINT STAFF TRAINING EVENT took place in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria from 15th to 20th of April 2019

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Within the frame of the project MY VIRTUAL TOWN, financed by the Erasmus + program, teachers from 3 international schools/ Municipal High School “Ljupco Santov”- Kochani, High School of Economics and Management – Pazardzhik, School Centre Velenje / met in order to exchange ideas and share experience. This was the second from the three planned short term joint-staff trainings of the teachers in which they were trained in the following topics:


  • human rights and anti-discrimination issues
  • freedom of speech versus “hate speech” on social networks


The event aimed at outlining short guidelines for teachers and describing main issues in the topics above.

During the training, all participants had the chance to visit two additional events organized by the host – Municipality of Pazardzhik:


  • The final, prize-giving stage of a recycling competition called “Recycle Challenge”, targeting all schools within the city by inviting students to gather as much plastic waste as possible. The challenge was organized by the local recycling company EKOPAK together with the kind cooperation of Pazardzhik Municipality.
  • The closing part of a year-long initiative “School for Parents” organized in 4 kindergartens within the city. The initiative aimed to educate parents on the particularities of both emotional and physical upbringing of the kids.



In addition, the local high school of Economics and Management was a one-day-host of the project event. Participants were invited to visit classrooms and to enjoy the school atmosphere. Here teachers worked on establishing of eTwinning networking platform.


In parallel with teachers’ trainings , representatives of Association CSEG, Municipality of Pazardzhik, KSSENA, LUV, KJP Vodovod, MAGA and representatives from the management board from the primary schools worked on the document for strategic partnership for which the project partners will develop action plan with aim for their future collaboration in the improvement of the education activities in their municipalities