Fourth training and short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Slovenia

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Within the framework of project MY VIRTUAL TOWN, financed by the Erasmus+ program, teachers and best students’ teams from 3 European schools /Municipal High School “Ljupco Santov”- Kochani, High School of Economics and Management – Pazardzhik, and School Centre Velenje/ met within project activities:

  • C5 – Short-term exchange of groups of pupils, and
  • C6 – Short-term joint staff training event

In this event experts and teachers mentors were working with the students members of the best students’ teams in the frame of transnational competitive even. Teachers as well as trainers were guiding the students in creation of the Ideal Town that they would like to achieve and live in 10 years from that moment – Ideal Virtual Town 2031.

The event had the following activities:

  • Establishing of mixed teams for transnational cooperation among best students and dedicating of an expert trainer and a teacher mentor to each mixed team:

TEAM 1 for organizing the Ideal Town 2031: Organization of Ideal local government and Organization of town with ideal public services.

TEAM 2 for organizing the Ideal Town 2031: Organization of ideal energy efficient city completely supplied with energy from RES and Organization of town with Ideal environment protection measures.

TEAM 3 for organizing the ideal Town 2031: Organization of ideal town with highest possible respect towards human rights and Organization of ideal town with zero tolerance against discrimination with the most active citizenship

  • A description of the expected results was done by the project Lead partner and mixed teams proceeded with work.
  • Presentations of prepared work on Ideal Virtual Town 2031 model by transnational students’ teams have been done at the end of the event.
  • A meeting of the Steering Committee was done to discuss the remaining project activities and organization of Final Dissemination Events in the 3 countries.