About Project

MY VIRTUAL TOWN started at the end of 2018 with duration of 2 years, and it is co-funded by the EU Programme ERASMUS+. Partnership included the following 9 partners from Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Slovenia:

– Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth from Bulgaria – Lead Partner
– Municipality of Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
– Professional High School on Economics and Management, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
– Macedonian Geothermal Association – MAGA, North Macedonia
– KJP Vodovod Kochani, North Macedonia
– SOU Ljupco Santov Kochani, North Macedonia
– Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region KSSENA, Republic of Slovenia
– Ljudska univerza Velenje, Republic of Slovenia
– Solski center Velenje, Republic of Slovenia

High school students are immediate ‘tomorrow’s’ democratic force of our society who should actively participate in all aspects of economical, environment and social life in local communities. The project aims to contribute in increasing the present and future generations of high schools students’ skills and competences to face different challenges in everyday social life from different perspectives and to become active members of their local communities. To achieve this, the project focuses on increased skills and competences of the teachers, for teamwork and cooperation that leads to development and implementation of common education approach for their students.
The project aims to present advantages of “learning by doing” students-based approach in topics of high community interest. This project also supports teachers in adopting cooperative and innovative practices with their training to apply some of the existing web 2.0 tools (OER) and eTwinning platform to increase their skills in application of ICT based techniques, which will lead to development of more attractive learning approaches towards students.

MY VIRTUAL TOWN is being implemented by 9 PP, 3 partners form each country (Bulgaria, Slovenia and Macedonia) involved, those are: 3 high schools (HS of Economics and Management (BG), HS “Ljupco Santov” (MK) and School Centre Velenje (SLO)), 3 local public bodies (Pazardzhik Municipality (BG), Public utility “Vodovod” Kocani (MK) and Ljudska univerza Velenje (SLO)) and 3 NGOs (CSEG (BG), MAGA (MK) and KSSENA (SLO)).

Joint team work will lead to establishment of good partnership among project partners, increase their overall competences and skills for the implementation of new joint projects in the future. Secondary schools will benefit from students’ satisfaction with the quality of learning methods, new methodologies and opportunities for research and learning, networking opportunities with other educational institutions, enhanced capacity for transnational cooperation. Educated students as a new generation of young EU citizens who will be forerunners in increasing of public awareness towards all community related issues.